Review of elizabeth bishops poem filling station

Elizabeth Bishop’s Filling Station: Summary & Analysis

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Analysis of Poem

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“Filling Station” by Elizabeth Bishop: A Poetry Analysis Essay

As it is the pleasure of the Eternal Father so to receive through Mary the homages intended for him, so too he has been graciously pleased to appoint her to be the way by which shall pass to men the various outpourings of his munificent goodness and omnipotence, beginning with the cause of them all-the Second Divine Person made man, our true life, our only salvation.

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It may be that a touch would be sufficient to bring the work to completion; and were the completion of the task the only objective, it would be legitimate to put forth that slight effort and no more. Bishop aptly arranges her words and expressions through the language devices of voice and metaphor.

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William Etty

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She's looking at a cruddy old gas station, and notes just about every detail: the oil-soaked surfaces, the proprietor in ill-fitting coveralls, his greasy sons helping him out.

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Review of elizabeth bishops poem filling station
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