Romeo juliet play review

Paris reveals that the wedding will occur on Thursday.

Romeo and Juliet review – RSC's gender-fluid tragedy of youth

The choreography was well-executed and each character had a unique physical presence. The play is based on a fourteenth-century novella. The music was funky and ranged from hip-hop to Arvo P rt.

Romeo and Juliet

As Mercutio stalls Tybalt with an eloquent but vague speech, Romeo arrives on the scene. They sound more like an arranged match than a couple transfixed by each other. Things only got worse when Romeo Mickey Solis appeared on stage, and from his very first lines it became obvious that he was going to express one emotion the entire play: Sampson and Gregory, servants to the Capulets and Abraham and Balthasar, servants to the Montague family start a street fight, which is joined by Benvolio Montague and Tybalt Capulet.

Hearing this good news, Capulet, who is keen to have Juliet marry Paris decides to move the wedding forward. For what it's worth, my cynicism doesn't come from any bitterness towards life or love.

Night is the cover for all of their meetings and time together, including their covert marriage. Later, Escalus arrives, and upon learning the details of the murder, he banishes Romeo from Verona for life.

That's not love at first sight, that's lust at first sight.

Play Review: Romeo & Juliet @ Sidney Harmon Hall

Juliet kisses Romeo and stabs herself, dying. Yes, at the end of the day you can say that it's just a gimmick designed to sell the Bard to the masses.

And the confusion of night and day, so crucial to the themes of the play, are fully articulated in the final line. Escalus scolds the two families who finally end their feud.

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The plot is slapdash; the coincidences preposterous; the main characters not interestingly conflicted, just doomed. Romeo sees Juliet lit by a light in the darkness. Paris fights Romeo whom he believes is desecrating Juliet's grave. Juliet is cold to Paris.

Juliet is heartbroken after finding out about all of this and sends her nurse to give her ring to Romeo. Though Mercutio dies in the third act, his performance alone makes the play worth seeing.

The myriad of emotions that MacDonald clearly portrayed made the Nurse one of the most memorable characters of the night. He relies heavily -- and with serious consequences -- on his rebel gender-bender of a friend, Mercutio Harold Perrineau Jr. Rather than focusing on themes of political-social opposition between the two feuding clans, this Romeo and Juliet highlights the dualities and ambiguities of adolescence.

They learn the truth of the tragic events from Friar Laurence and the suicide letter from Romeo provides proof. Also inOleg Vinogradov stages a version in Russia while serving as assistant ballet master to Pyotr Gusev. Juliet's messenger, the Nurse, arrives and the wedding is set for later that day.

Romeo and Juliet

It is as if the great author intended for there to be a dichotomy between love and hate, life and death, and comedy and tragedy. Romeo and Juliet (Dover Thrift Editions) [William Shakespeare] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

One of Shakespeare's most popular and accessible plays, Romeo and Juliet tells the story of two star-crossed lovers and the unhappy fate that befell them as a result of a long and bitter feud between their families. Those who didn’t snooze through high school English know the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet, two lovers divided by injustice, prejudice, and their violent, warring families.

Despite the obvious dismal overtones of the play, it is often referred to as “the greatest love story ever told,” or. Romeo meets Juliet on a Sunday night. By Thursday, six people (in order of deaths: Mercutio, Tybalt, Lady Montague (dies when she learns of Romeo's exile), Paris, Romeo, and Juliet) are dead as the town of Verona weeps.

Of all the clever-clever barbs fired at the "Romeo and Juliet", "Shakespeare for Dummies" has probably given the film's detractors the most satisfaction.

Romeo and Juliet review – RSC's gender-fluid tragedy of youth

But, as anyone who has read my user reviews of the "Pride and Prejudice" and the "Mansfield Park" will quickly realise, I am no. Romeo and Juliet review – Branagh’s star-crossed lovers fail to soar 2 / 5 stars 2 out of 5 stars. The play must be ardently spoken and bewitchingly choreographed.

If not, it ends up. 'Romeo and Juliet': Theater Review. So often the first Shakespeare play students are exposed to in high school is Romeo and Juliet.

Its impetuous teen protagonists, fighting, flirting and.

Romeo juliet play review
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